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We're looking for a new National Coordinator!

About Women in Global Health

In 2015, WGH was formed by four early career women in health to campaign for equal

leadership for women in the health profession where women hold 70% jobs but only 25%

senior decision-making roles. We are a global women-founded and women-led virtual

movement challenging power and privilege to achieve gender equity in global health. In just six

years since registering as an NGO, we have evolved from a fully volunteer-run organization to a

grassroots, rapidly expanding global network with 58 national chapters, including WGHUK.

WGH is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and approved Non State Actor in Official

Relations with World Health Organization (WHO) and recognized with ECOSOC status in the

United Nations (UN) System. We are uniquely positioned to be the voice for gender equity,

gender transformative leadership and to drive change in health from global to regional and

national levels.


WGH is continuing to expand its network of national chapters in all regions to ensure our

advocacy, policy research, and evidence are grounded in the reality of our diverse chapters. We

are building a global cadre of influential women leaders in health working together to influence

national and global health policy on gender equality, women’s leadership, safe and decent work

for women health workers, and gender-responsive health systems. To do this, we leverage our

biggest asset: our women-led grassroot network of global chapters and members to: mobilise, advocate, garner commitments and hold leaders accountable. Our approach is collaborative,

supportive and empowering.


As WGH looks forward to our tenth anniversary in 2025 the movement has entered a new

phase in its evolution, well-respected reputation as a thought leader and driver of change in the sector, we are gearing up our global network to accelerate change in the face of setbacks

caused by the pandemic and coordinated challenges to the health rights of women and girls.

WGHUK has a critical role to play both as a voice for gender equity in the UK health sector and

as an influential political actor in health on the global stage. This is an important and exciting

time to join the movement in this leadership role.

Role description

We are searching for a new National Coordinator to lead our UK chapter (WGHUK). This is a voluntary role, and an exciting opportunity to be part of our global movement fighting for gender equity in global health, steering activities in the UK and engaging with colleagues from around the world. We are looking for someone to:

  • Shape and organise the WGHUK National Committee to oversee chapter activities

  • Deliver on the objectives of the WGHUK strategy

  • Develop the future vision and activities for the chapter

  • Engage with WGH chapters globally


This is a voluntary position with an estimated time commitment of 3 hours per week. 


Person specification

We welcome applications from anyone who is passionate about gender equity in global health. We’re looking for someone who is:

  • Comfortable leading a team and working with others to deliver events and activities

  • Committed to creating an inclusive environment for WGHUK volunteers and members

  • Able to set the strategic vision for the chapter and grow member engagement


Our values

The WGHUK values are set out in our strategy. We aim to be:

Diverse and inclusive

  • We will collaborate with our WGH community to design activities with intersectionality at the forefront, drawing on the diversity of our members to promote women’s leadership in all its form

  • We will not participate in, or host events, with all white panels or participants


  • We will sense check our activities and advocacy with the population we serve and reflect on our success and failures

  • We will recognise our inherent privilege within the committee and in the WGH platform and use it to advance the Gender Transformative Leadership agenda

  • We will admit when we get things wrong, work openly and transparently, being receptive to feedback

  • We will acknowledge any and all concerns of members


  • We will target the gaps and inequalities identified by our community, WGH global and our sister WGH chapters, ensuring that we are serving our national members’ needs within an international context of structural gender inequalities

  • We will co-create wherever possible to ensure our outputs meet member 


  • We will partner with organisations that share our values to increase the reach and impact of our activities

  • We will share decision making within the chapter and strive for a flat structure


How to apply

To apply, please complete this form by 5:00pm BST Friday 24 May. If you have any questions about the role then please contact us at

We welcome applications from people of all genders. We especially encourage applications from people of colour and members of the LQBTQ+ community. Whilst consideration is given to past experience, there is no age limit for applicants and you can be at any stage of career or studies. All committee work is facilitated remotely and we encourage applications from any geographical location within the UK. 

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