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Women in Global Health (WGH) is a global movement with the largest network of women and allies working to challenge power and privilege for gender equity in health. It is a US 501(c)(3) started in 2015, WGH has grown to include over 25,000 supporters in 90 countries and has 23 official chapters, with a strong presence in low- and middle-income countries. The global team and its network of chapters drive change by mobilizing a diverse group of emerging women health leaders, by advocating to existing global health leaders to commit to transform their own institutions, and by holding these leaders accountable.

To find out more about the global movement, visit the main WGH website.

Women in Global Health Strategic Goals


Achieve 50/50 representation in global health at top leadership positions, roles in governing boards and representation in events, panels and roundtables


Enable gender transformative leadership in global health, with the target of over 100 global health leaders (of all genders) upholding and enacting principles of gender transformative leadership in their practice


Create a robust WGH network engaging and supporting at least 100 WGH communities throughout the world

The strategic goals of WGH align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030. As a national chapter, our aims and values focus on supporting global advocacy efforts and enacting local initiatives that create the necessary conditions for more women in leadership to flourish.


Imbalance in senior leadership, although sometimes the most visible, is just one of numerous indicators and examples of gender inequality that exists in all facets and levels of global health. This is why the aims of our chapter do not focus directly on catapulting more women into senior leadership: equality in this sphere, and the strategic goals of WGH outlined, can only be achieved by addressing gender inequalities across the board, wherever and however we experience them.

Our statement of purpose outlines the developing vision and work of our community. You can also find a brief summary of defining global health, equality and equity, and gender transformative approaches.

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