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Join the Team

We are looking for passionate and determined people to join our national committee!  You can find out more about the available roles here. Becoming a member of the founding team means you'll have the opportunity to directly shape WGHUK as it is established, developing your own skills whilst advocating for gender equality.

All positions are voluntary and unpaid. We know that it can be hard to balance commitments, so if you would love to join the team but might not have the capacity to take on a full role then why not consider job sharing? This means you can share a role - maximising involvement, and minimising stress. Just tick the box "I would like to job share" when you're filling out the application form.

We welcome applications from people of all genders. We especially encourage applications from people of colour and members of the LQBTQ+ community. Whilst consideration is given to past experience, there is no age limit for applicants and you can be at any stage of career or studies. 

All committee work is facilitated remotely and we encourage applications from any geographical location within the UK. 

If you'd like to apply for a position, please complete the form below. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

The deadline for applications is Monday 21st December 2020 5:00pm GMT.


Thank you for your application! WGHUK will be in touch with you soon.

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